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Hier finden Sie Jobs aus allen unseren Einrichtungen: Krankenhäuser, MVZ, Senioreneinrichtungen und Jugendhilfe St. Elisabeth.
Unser Gemischtwarenladen der Sozialwirtschaft beinhaltet mehr als 30 Berufsbilder. Klar sind bei uns die meisten Berufe in den Bereichen Pflege und Medizin. Dazu kommt die Verwaltung und in der Jugendarbeit der pädagogische Dienst. Außerdem gibt es Therapeut*innen, Physiotherapeut*innen oder Sozialarbeiter*innen, und z.B. auch Werkstätten für unsere Technik, in denen unsere Handwerker*innen arbeiten und ausbilden. Gerne können Sie diese nach Jobbezeichnung und/oder Standort filtern.

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Working in a professional team

Medicine and care: More than 2.800 employees look after the well-being of patients and residents. We provide our professional services to patients in our hospitals which have more than 1000 inpatient beds. Three retirement facilities with 315 places provide a home for the elderly, and the St. Elisabeth youth welfare centre prepare children and adolescents for life. Based on our Christian understanding, we commit ourselves to great care and empathy.

The St. Johannes-Hospital is our largest hospital in Dortmund. It provides 14 medical departments with a total of 570 beds. Each year, more than 80,000 patients are either treated as inpatients or on an ambulatory basis. The interdisciplinary care of the patients is particularly important in the specialist areas, such as obesity centre, breast centre, intestinal centre, dialysis centre, endometriosis centre, gynaecological cancer centre, MIC centre, oncological centre or in the heart team in Dortmund. Our medical and nursing services are constantly expanding. We are a prosperous company with highest technical expertise. Our clinics have received several awards for their outstanding
medical services. The St. Johannes-Hospital ranks third among all hospitals of this size in Germany. Die Kath. St.-Johannes-Gesellschaft Dortmund is an attractive and proven top employer off ering multiple support at the workplace as well as in the private sector and stands up for its employees.

Greatful Dortmund

Like almost no other German city, Dortmund has seen enormous change in recent years. The former „steel city“ developed into a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis, acquiring renown all across Europe as an innovative location for technological development. But the biggest city in the Ruhr Valley also scores with a wide range of possibilities in the cultural and sporting sector, with extensive greens and a high quality of life. Take the whole family on an outing to Dortmund – what a great idea! Even young tourists can fi nd a load of activities that are sure to please. Everyone knows the BVB. Dortmund has much more sports to off er than football.

There are unlimited opportunities to participate in athletics here. Culture enthusiasts will revel in Dortmund. Be awed by virtuoso concerts. Experience incredible intensity at the theatre. Discover the media art of the future. Dive into a world of coal, coke, and collegiality. Business travellers will fi nd everything they need in Dortmund for eff ective and successful work. Surrounded by one of the densest European motorway networks, with several airports, hourly ICE, IC, and EC trains, as well as excellent public transportation, Dortmund is at the centre of fast connections.